IT Security Solutions

Whatever is the nature of the data that is important for your business: this data will be mobile thus your sensitive company information will be  traveling with mobile workstations, that may be transferred to removable devices and sent by email as well. At the office, they are stored on file servers or document management tools, which themselves are sometimes transported under an outsourcing contract. And this is without mentioning the collaborative nature of your projects, which require that the data be shared.
With such mobility with regards to data, which is the classic case in many businesses today, there is a basic requirement on your part to ensures that your confidential data, whether R & D, Financial, HR, or customers data are safe? Which protects you from external interception or internal indiscretion?

Is there any Bullet proof solution that allows you to create spaces for secure collaboration in which confidentiality is the rule. Defined by the holder of the data itself, these areas are only accessible to those explicitly permitted. Systems where All data is encrypted, whether it is presented in the form of an email, a file, a shared directory or even an entry in a collaborative portal such as Intranet Portals.

The news is full of hacking attempts, and nobody seems to escape such attacks. Banks, ministries, industries, etc.. Sensitive companies or not, all have something to attract the interest of pirate/hacking  groups. Their motives are purely financial or strategic, they also go after your most critical assets: trade secrets, customer lists, etc.. For victims, recovery is costly and beyond the scope of consolidating  pure technical leaks of customers data. Direct and indirect consequences are disastrous  to say the least.

Cisco, Juniper, CheckPoint and Vyatta offers various technology and application control protocols described in various standards. All these solutions are designed to protect your enterprise from attack and intrusion, however these systems out of the box offers you minimum protection. To protect your corporate network against more complex attacks, you need specialist and experts who know about these vendors best security practices to help secure your investment and your network. iTM Services offers many specialised security services based on  IPsec, VPN, VLAN, Antivirus, Antispam, URL filtering, SSL, etc..