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iTMTracker has been designed an integrated of wireless communication with GPS technology at an affordable price sensitive, this solution offers also a mobile DVR with GPS integrated.
Our Geolocalisation solution iTMTracker provides  real time tracking systems for:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • People
  • Boats and Yachts

This Geolocalisation solution is used by:

  • Transport Companies
  • Government VIP
  • Banks fund transfer
  • Mining companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Rental Companies

reliable & safe

Long Lasting Battery

An integrated 1000 mAh battery allows for short-term localisation of your systems even when the battery is low or follow the last minutes before the battery is disconnected

Statistical Analytics

A 3-axis accelerometer to measure driver behavior and vehicle impacts based on usage data. Amazing Audit trail statistics

Smart Monitoring

A board alert engine (PEG) continuously monitors the vehicle’s environment and responds instantly to advance the defined threshold conditions related to the time, date, motion, location, entry of the geographical area and other combinations of events.

Management GUI

Very easy to use management user interface for overview and the management and maintenance of systems of the device.

Software Based

Hosted tracking software that can be customised based on specific customer needs and requirements.

Solid Build

Solid industrial built trackers, that can be used in all terrains and in different vehicles

Are you looking to improve your fleet operation?

Control fuel costs

Improving driver behavior and travel management

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Reduce labor costs

Eliminate the disparities between hours worked and those claimed

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No unauthorized use

Monitoring after hours or use by the unrelated customer

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Green Footprint

Travel Reduction and vehicle use help companies green initiatives

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Increased productivity

Reduce inefficiencies related to additional travel utilising fewer vehicles

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Customer service

Better visibility into delivery windows, operating costs and related services

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iTM Tracker

iTMTracker is used in over 70 countries to manage tens of thousands of assets. These countries include many African countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Nigeria, Angola, Zambia and Kenya.

The user interface is optimized for use in these low Internet speed environments.

Our platform is available in multiple languages to monitor activity in various sectors such as logistics, aviation, marine, security, transportation and mining.