Video Surveillance

iTM Video Surveillance

Offices and work environments are increasingly equipped with CCTV devices. But often you find out that most of these devices are not protecting the most important assets of businesses or they  can be tempered with easily. iTM systems provides Video Surveillance for any kind of business. Our expertise for Video Surveillance allows us to work on very large scale Video Surveillance projects. iTM Systems Video Solutions allows you to choose from systems featuring IP Network Cameras, Wireless Cameras or Closed-Circuit Television Surveillance Cameras. Our video  solutions can be used for many scenarios, iTM Video Surveillance Solutions have been deployed in many environments, these solutions are fully tested for the environments listed below.

Where is iTM Video Surveillance used?

  • Town, City or Urban Video Surveillance
  • Airports, Ports & Ferry Terminals Video Surveillance
  • Industrial Estates and Business Parks Video Surveillance
  • Video Surveillance for Oil and Gas Infrastructure
  • Video Surveillance for Retail Stores and Distribution Centres
  • Video Surveillance for Construction Sites & Mining Activities
  • Police Surveillance and Homeland Security
  • Video Surveillance for Commercial and Business Enterprise
  • Large Events and Concerts

IP-based video surveillance has improved the effectiveness of video security by leaps and bounds over the analog CCTV equipment we’ve grown so accustomed to over the years. Today’s IP video surveillance solutions use an IP network, rather than complicated cabling setups, as the backbone for delivering information. This allows for flexible, cost-effective installation, remote video monitoring, improved storage, and a host of other benefits. iTM Systems has in-house expertise  for all Video Surveillance needs.

iTM IP video technology provides flexible, scalable, and price-effective surveillance solutions appropriate for an array of industries and programs. By having an IP-based video surveillance setup, our clients can monitor and record video images remotely, utilising an IP network which relies on our highly developed network system’s backbone. iTM IP video installations could be used in almost any atmosphere, and provide benefits previously unavailable with analog Closed-Circuit Television systems.

iTM Systems deploys Home and Business Security Camera Systems all over the world from USA, Europe to Africa and our Video Surveillance Solutions and  Systems include all you need to monitor your Office, Van, Farm, Houses and Warehouse. Choose from our  systems featuring IP Network Cameras, Wireless Cameras or Closed-Circuit Television Surveillance Cameras.Call us today for any Video Surveillance needs on 01733 567 259.